Ireland Hand it to France!? Poll

Wow, what a reaction to last night’s game! The Media, Twitter, Facebook, etc…all bursting at the seems with anti Henry and anti french sentiment. Is it justified? As usual Ireland go down in a blaze of glory and end up Bride’s maids. It always seems to be an unluckily conceeded goal or a shoot out loss or a bad refeering decision.

On this occasion I personally think we are showing ourselves to be bad losers and moaners and we’ve jumped on an easy reason for the ultimate failure of the qualifying campaign. Where were we in the first match in Dublin and where were we for all the other games!? And why didn’t we take some chances and nail the French when we had them on the ropes last night? The RTE panel got it right when they pointed out 2 things – 1. What if we had handled it? & 2. Henry didn’t plan to handle it, it was a reflex action…

What’s your opinion!?

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2 thoughts on “Ireland Hand it to France!? Poll”

  1. Bit of both!…if Ireland had taken their chances in normal time (especially Robbie Keane’s glorious miss
    with only about 15 mins. of the match remaining!),
    we could have nailed the French!
    However, we had defended so well & France didn’t
    look like they we’re gonna get through, so to decide the
    the play-off with a penalty shoot out in the end would
    have seemed the fairest out-come.
    No ques. Henry intentionally handled the ball to keep
    control of it, but blame has to be put on the rare
    lapse in defence also, for the goal to be conceeded!

    Alas, sadly Ireland once again are the nearly men (we only
    have won 1 play-off decider (to qualify for the 2002
    World Cup) & again it’s a case of…if only!

    And now Blatter & FIFA are laughing at us pleading to be let in as the 33rd team in South Africa W.Cup!! 🙂


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