Linkedin and Facebook Twitter Integration

Social Media Marketing is big news these days but the one big turn off is the amount of sites you need to use regularly to be effective. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Your Blog and a pile more all need to be updated on a regular basis if you are to spread your business gospel.

Personally, I’ve found that if you just update 2 of those, your Blog and Twitter, then the rest can get updated automatically. Here’s how..

If your Blog is WordPress based then get the Twitter Tools plugin or some other good Twitter plugin and set it to post all your Blog articles to Twitter automatically.

Next, go to Linkedin and add the WordPress application and give it your Blog address so it can pull in your posts automatically.

Next go to Facebook and add a Twitter application and give it your Twitter credentials and it too will pull in both your Twitter updates and subsequently your Blog articles.

For both Facebook and Linkedin, if you don’t want all your Blog or Twitter posts coming in but rather a select few then you’ll need to add your Twitter details to Linkedin and prefix (or suffix) your Tweets with #in. For Facebook, you’ll need the SelectiveTwitter application and then prefix Tweets with #fb.

If you’d like to send all your Business Blog posts to both Linkedin and Facebook, but not your sillier Tweets, then you’ll need to do all of the above AND add both the tags #in and #fb to the Tweet Prefix settings in your wordpress Twitter plugin settings.

Hope that’s all clear as mud!

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Leon Quinn

Multimedia Design company in Leitrim, Ireland specializing in WordPress Website Design, Photoshop and Graphics.

One thought on “Linkedin and Facebook Twitter Integration”

  1. Thanks for this.
    It’s all becoming just a wee bit complex and my skills and available time are not up to doing this by trial and error.


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