New Site Design for Reverb Studios

I’m sad to say goodbye to my iPhone styled site which has lasted longer than a lot of other versions I’ve had in recent times. However every site needs a face lift every now and then as content becomes old or you find new ways of expressing yourself or new technology becomes available. My old site was a little slow to load and had a little too much going on content and link wise so I decided it was time to freshen things up and simplify a bit.

Here’s a list of notes digitally scribbled on my iPhone note application over the course of a week or so indicating what I wanted from my new design in terms of look, content and navigation and I’m proud to say I think I’ve achieved it all. I think most of the points apply to most sites too:

  • Minimalist both in terms of content and design,
  • Built for speed,
  • DIV/CSS based as opposed to HTML  on the old site,
  • Suggest efficiency,
  • Suggest hi-tech,
  • Some fancy hi tech features,
  • Hi-res fixed background image,
  • Minimize vertical scrolling, use anchors,
  • Mostly gray scale not black,
  • Use color schemes,
  • Use transparency fx,
  • Very simple and consistent navigation,
  • Simple direct content,

The color scheme I went with but modified slightly was (appropriately named) “Web Designer” from the Adobe Kuler site.

The smooth scrolling navigation effect was achieved using the “Smooth Scroll” Javascript script which works with Anchor Links only.

I like the new look and feel but will probably do a little tidying up for a while!

Please leave your comments.


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Leon Quinn

Multimedia Design company in Leitrim, Ireland specializing in WordPress Website Design, Photoshop and Graphics.

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