Paying for Online Social Networking Services

Online Social Networking via the likes of Twitter, Linkedin, Blogging, etc.. is fast becoming a proven and effective method of promoting your company and brand and as more and more people realise its benefits I’m sure more and more companies offering to “network” for you will spring up. However I’d like to pose a few questions before you confirm that you don’t have the time yourself and prefer to splash out what’s sure to be thousands of euros on the services of some internet marketing company.

  1. Given that Online Networking requires a a lot of time dedicated to it to be properly effective, where will these companies get the time if they have more than a few clients?
  2. How will an external company best know how to represent you to the world. Will they say the right things on all your profiles and will they interact with your potential customers in a manner you’d be happy with?
  3. If you’re going to spend the time telling someone else exactly what you want said on your behalf all around the net, wouldn’t you just be better off doing it yourself anyway?
  4. Will the marketing company have other clients on their books who are your direct competitors, and if so how would they handle this?

In short, getting someone else to promote your company on your behlf requires time, effort and trust on your part if you wan’t to avoid potential problems.

Isn’t the best person to represent your own company you!?

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Leon Quinn

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