Simple Definition of Online Social Networking

Social Networking for Business is a term thats bandied about a lot lately and even though I live and breath the internet and have actually BEEN Social Networking online for a few years now, I still wasn’t sure what it really was and what its benefits were until very recently when the penny dropped!

I’d like to offer up this very simple but hopefully useful explanation of Social Networking for those new to the net or the concept of using online networking to further their business image, generate sales leads or partnership opportunities.

“Online Social Networking is the process of Branding yourself and your business online and by talking about them as much, as widely and in as many different ways as possible.”

You do the above by signing up for the following sites (the most widely used among many!) and getting involved! I’ve linked them directly to my own profiles on these sites to give an indication of how you might use them:

You might also do some Blogging and participate in Forums related to your market sector to help raise your profile and interact with others.

* NB – You need to avoid thinking, as I did myself, that getting involved in Social Networking will bring you work directly, it rarely does. Instead what it does is subtly and indirectly raise your profile over a period of time so that people who should know about you and your services when they need to, do.

It does work though, trust me, just takes time!


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