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Been watching Jade Goody’s cancer story on the news lately and find myself very moved by the whole thing. Its weird for me to be interested in celebrity culture or to be moved by the death, impending or otherwise of one but this is a bit different and possibly the first time a celeb has basically “died” right before our eyes. So is it right that we should all be part of a strangers TV death or should Jade keep to herself in her final days? Poll below:

My own personal feelings are that its very sad to see someone so young and who has made something of herself from very humble beginings, die so horribly. She may not be the sharpest tool in the box as everyone keeps saying (I think she knows a thing or 2 myself) but this just makes her more real and the situation more tragic. Would we care as much if it was a more “well-to-do” celeb? With a rise in young women going for smear tests now which seems to be attributable to Jade’s publicity, surely it can’t be wrong for her story to be so high profile? However, I’d like to ask the following question:

If by some miracle Jade recovers and her cancer goes away, will we be disapointed that the story didn’t play out?

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9 thoughts on “Jade Goody Poll”

  1. Actually, sorry to tell you this but the first time that a celebrity died REALLY in front of a televsion audience LIVE was Tommy Cooper.

    He died of a heart attack live on stage and that was broadcast live. In those days live really was live. No delays, no bleeps, etc. It really was live and they could not stop anything.

    People thought it was all part of his act, people apparently cheered, they had absolutely no idea what was happening.

    So that is the first time a celebrity died lived on stage and whose death was seen on TV as it happened.


  2. Sleep tight Jade. You put up some fight. My thoughts are with your two children if they have half your strenght you will not have to worry about them.


  3. Good luck for you famllie
    from declan john crissy garry liz martin liza and every one in st hinds cherch of england schoole


  4. It is heart breaking watching her. As a 30 year old mother of 2 and as a daughter of a woman who died at the age of 56, when I was 18 I can relate a lot to her. I have to say I never was a big fan of Jad her voice went through my head and to be honest found her to be a bit of a load annoying person. In saying all that nobody deserves what the poor girl is going through and her 2 children do not deserve to bury their mammy. I think the program highlighted and made people who have not been touched by cancer realise how this disease distroys so many lives. I think she has done something great with this illness and may have managed to save so many lives by there program. However I do think the program she have been stopped a week or 2 ago. Here family should be given the last of her time. I dont think it is right for her children to think of their mothers last few days with cameras in her bedroom. Let them say good buy without everyone watching.


  5. Jade has done the right thing by her children and i think anyone who knocks her for that needs to stop for a moment and put themselves in her position. She has set her children up for life by paying their school fees till they reach 16. Who are we to judge the way she chose to publicise her death that was her choice and a good one at that as it has made women everywhere more aware of the importance of having regular smear tests done. So if what she has done can save only one life then it has been a miracle. I for one find her situation extremely moving and being of the same age but no kids i can only imagine how what she is going through. She has my admiration for the courage and fight she has shown in the last few weeks!! You rock Jade!!!!!!


  6. Jade is just being herself. By allowing her story to be told, she has saved many lives. I wish her all the love and peace in the world.


  7. I think Jade should be left alone to do whatever she wants to do. Those that knock her should ask themselves what they would do in her position giving that she is leaving two very young children behind. Who can blame her for wanting to secure their future, ( I know I would whatever it took to secure the future for my kids…) Seriously, all of those that have nothing good to say should just belt up or vent their frstrations at the likes of the Baby P’s Mother who didn’t give a damn about him and stop knocking Jade who clearly loves her kids and just want to make sure they are ok after she has passed on. You go Jade and to hell with the begrudgers…..


  8. Interesting post! My own feelings are that there is a definite snobbery by the public towards the way Jade has chosen to handle her illness. In the normal course of events, if you hear of a celebrity with cancer, after your initial shock, you forget about it again, as they either go away quietly to die (like Wendy Richardson yesterday) or emerge a year later better than ever. (Kylie Minogue, Christina Applegate). Jade is not going quietly and I admire her for that, whatever her critics say. She has done us a service in showing us what the real face of cancer is like – losing hair with chemo, the fear, the despair, staring death in the face. I am dismayed at the level of vitriol aimed at a dying woman. I was never a fan of Jade’s but surely she is entitled to die whatever way she wants, without all this judgement. At least she has opened up a debate about cancer and dying, and the media reports that there is an increase in younger women looking for cervical screening means she has left a worthwhile legacy behind her.


  9. I am a recycled teenager.I am 18 reversed..I think Jade Goodie is one brave lady.She should be allowed to spend her last few months with her new husband at her side.After all he is not going to go far away from her and the boys is he?..If he is a cad and takes a chance to run he will be the most recognised runner I have heard of. Let them have a few months together.If the law abiding people are worried I am sure there are police persons who would not object to keeping a vigile outside their home.It could be the easiest of duties going. Go on judge. Let them have their time to-gether and to hell with protocol.Just for once let your heart rule your head and the law books..Don`t be a “jobsworth”.


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