D-Link DSM-510 Review

I had just got hold of a few HD movie files when I came across this wireless HD media player on the Elara website so I snapped it up for what I thought was a reasonable price and actually would have been had it worked!

The unit promised both wired (via LAN) and Wi-Fi streaming of multimedia content from your PC including MP3’s, WAV’s, Photos and HD Video. The inclusion of a USB socket swung it for me so I bought it from Elara.ie which is not a site I like much but as I said the price was ok. The unit arrived and I got the hardware setup easily and quicklessly before tackling the software side.

Upon entering the included CD I was presented with a setup interface the “setup” button of which opened up Windows Media Player 11 (required) and asked me to go into the Library menu and setup “Media Sharing”. WMP11 found the device ok but I had to re-add my music folder locations which took half the day with my 500GB or so of files! Once that was finished and once I proved the player was on my network by updating the Firmware online via the unit’s menus, I went looking for my media files. Nearly 2 weeks later it still hadn’t found them! I also loaded a usb stick with some HD video and tried to play it but it kept skipping so nothing really worked for me.

I searched the manual, google and even emailed D-Link support for a few days but no luck. I suspect there was some kind of router/firewall issue but to be honest people can’t be expected to figure out all that stuff themselves so I’ve repackaged it and hope to sell it on soon!

For those of you with Intel VIIV PC’s, you might have more luck as apparently its easier to setup with those.

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