Robbie Keane back to Spurs: Poll

So its confirmed today within hours of the transfer window closing, Robbie is going back to Spurs after 6 miserable months at my club Liverpool. Was he not up to the job, did he not fit into the system, was he given a fair chance or did Benitez not even sign him in the first place!? Please vote or leave your opinion below:

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2 thoughts on “Robbie Keane back to Spurs: Poll”

  1. A total fucking disgrace. I am a fair weather Liverpool fan but a fanatic Ireland fan. I am furious at how the Irish captain has been treated. I think all Irish fans should boycott Liverpool. They signed him and only gave him 90 minutes once, once !!! He scored 7 goals in 28 games, not bad and not great but christ, give him til the end of the season. I will never forgive the way liverpool humiliated him, subing him constantly, dropping him even after he scored 3 in 2. I would love if he gets his revenge on liverpool on the last day of the season by banging in a few.


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