8 Web Apps for Businesses

I’d like to list some applications/software that I think is essential for any business that takes the web seriously as a marketing tool and sales lead generator. I will presume that all businesses have a web site first and foremost, if not, why not, it’s 2009 and we’re in a recessionary period folks – don’t you want sales!?

In no order of importance:

A Blog

Draw visitors and potential clients interested in your market sector to your site by installing a blog and giving them the info anf interaction they need.

Google Alerts

Find out straight away what others are saying about you or your business on the net and find out who is linking to your site.


Offer an incentive and capture customer data by offering an auto newsletter signup, then keep in touch with your database offering promotions and discounts from time to time etc..

Zoho Invoice/CRM

Manage your customers, invoices and sales leads professionally and effectively and setup discreet auto payment reminders via email.


Setup an RSS feed on your site so that people can subscribe to your latest news posts and keep in touch with your business.

Google Analytics

Every web site needs to have some kind of tracking system that tells you who visited your site, when, from where and why. Google analytics is the industry standard.

Social Networking

Sign up and actively use at least 1 or 2 social networking sites such as Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook., the idea being that you create and communicate with your own business network in the hope of generating some sales leads or partnerships.


A widely used multi part instant communication system offering real time text chat, audio and video phone calls and file transfers.

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