Help Us Choose a Baby Name!?

I never would have guessed how hard it would be to pick a name for our forthcoming child. Its one of the biggest decisions I’ve ever had to make so can we have some help please!? We have a shortlist but we don’t know the sex yet (its in a sealed envelope behind me here in the office!) hence 2 polls below:


Thanx to everyone who voted!

And the winner is:


Its the Danish version/spelling of “Hannnah” which means ‘Grace’ or ‘Thanks’ which is appropriate considering we have a lot of people to thank for her arrival! Emer used to work in Denmark as a child minder and loved the country. One of the children she looked after was “Hanne”.

To quote my friend – “Welcome to the world Hanne Jane Quinn, we hope you enjoy your stay”


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8 thoughts on “Help Us Choose a Baby Name!?”

  1. i think Michael is a great choice for a boy, Michael was a God of strength, fertility and beauty (in a manly way!) of a very noble but lesser known country… wouldnt have heard of it so i wont name the country!


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