Aldi and Lidl Cynical Adds!

It never ceases to amaze me how well the Lidl and Aldi email newsletters and store promotions match the seasons or current events. The latest products from both stores are all completely health and fitness related designed to cash in on our post Christmas pig out guilt! Its either way cynical or marketing genius, most likely both!

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2 thoughts on “Aldi and Lidl Cynical Adds!”

  1. Hi’s my morning rant.

    That’s just good marketing for you. It’s not just the post-Xmas pigout deal but all year round..whether it’s boats or horses or fishing etc etc..they pitch it at the time when people are most likely to buy that stuff.

    Mind you..a lot of the stuff they sell are purely loss-leaders just to get you in there. At least with those two stores you have choice in your diet, albeit through some environmentally unfriendly policies. It is nice to have Chinese fruit, Turkish Sea Bass etc and new Zealand Lamb but the carbon footprint must be massive. Maybe the likes of Dunnes Stores..which when it comes to food are still one overpriced step up from the bacon and cabbage emporium they used to be, could get the market back from selling seasonal produce only and marketing the concept.

    “The difference is ..we’re Irish!” haha
    Whilst on the subject of Dunnes Stores, they must have lost the plot altogether with their pricing labels. I was looking at a pair of trousers the other day which had the Sterling price..of


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