iTrackmine Stuff Swapping!

For anyone who got a ton of crap for Xmas and wants to get rid of it or swap for something more useful (like my Johnathan Ross audio book for a copy of Web Designer Mag!) then check out – a site where you can list a collection of your stuff and network with others to see if you can swap stuff with them. Looks useful.

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2 thoughts on “iTrackmine Stuff Swapping!”

  1. Today, iTrackMine unveiled a number of new features, including Sell Yours on Amazon, which allows users to clean out their collections while making a little extra cash.


    “Sell yours at” button – makes it super easy for members to clean out their collections while making a bit of money

    “Tell-A-Friend” – makes sharing items with friends easier and the service even more interactive

    Filter by format – allows users to build Custom Lists such as a “My Blu-rays” and add all of the appropriate items to it in just a few clicks

    Duplicate detection – When looking up Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, for example, the site now groups all paperback, hardback, audio, etc., together for easier scanning, adding to your collection

    Bulk management – users can delete items from their collection in bulk, add to Custom Lists in bulk, etc., which saves time and makes the service even easier to use

    Personalization – members can now specify which item they want to use as the display item in each collection category on their My Page

    “People who own” – users can now add friends from this section for more connectivity, ease of use

    Display system – various improvements make it even simpler to browse items

    1.9 million new books added – there is now a total of 2.8 million books available in the iTrackMine database

    300,000 new groupings – our system of associating items with each other based on common attributes, such as combining two reviews on the same book title in hardcover and paperback formats, enables users to see both reviews when looking at either listing

    Grand database total – 4.75 million items are now in our searchable database


  2. I’ve been using to swap DVDs with my friends. Its way cheaper than having to buy or rent anything I want to watch. It also has a great wish list and gift suggestion system that came in really handy this last Christmas.


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