Obama Too Soon?

I’ve tried to resist getting too interested in the ‘Election’ – I had better things to do instead of staying up all night to watch another country’s election (like sleeping) and its been going on so long now you just get sick of it. The shed load of money they all spent is outrageous too, but you can’t help but succomb to the sense of history. How come America has a black president all of a sudden, where the hell did that come from and are they ready for it?

Don’t forget its not a very long time since America had serious race issues in the 60’s and even the racially motivated LA riots are pretty recent. I’m sure theres also still a lot of racial prejudice against blacks in particular in America today. I had read a while ago that foreign immigrants would eventually make up the majority of the US population and a colored president was inevitable at some stage but did any of us really think it would come so soon?

This election was always likely to write history with Clinton in with a shout to become the first ever woman president and McCain probably one of the oldest but Obama’s victory is probably the most meaningful.

I have 2 wishes:

  1. That theres not some KKK nut out there with a gun determined to not let this happen.
  2. That the feel good factor and hope generated by Obama’s win, stalls the economic crisis. It all started in the US so hopefully they can fix it! I don’t envy his or any other newely elected leader’s job right now..


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