Website Accessibility

Making your Website ‘Accessible’ means making it easy to navigate for all visitors and in particular visitors with disabilities such as Blindness and Mobility. Its an important consideration these days as more and more people use the internet.Here are some of the more obvious and simple things you can do to make your site more accessible:

  • Include ‘Alt’ descriptive text on all images that are not decorative, ie – graphic navigation or informational images.
  • Omit the ‘Alt’ text on images that are purely decorative only.
  • Use the ‘Title’ html attribute on all navigational links and images to describe the purpose of the link/image.
  • Avoid using fixed size text including pixels, points, etc if possible, instead use a relative font size such as ’em’ or ‘%’. This allows visitors to set their own font size and easier read your content.
  • Use ‘Label’ and ‘ID’ attributes on Forms.
  • Choose design colors that offer good text contrast, ie – black text on a white background or white text on a black background.
  • Keep your navigation the same on each page if possible. Every page on the site should be reachable within 1 click from whatever page you’re on.
  • Avoid Flash animation, Pop-up windows or any unnecessary tricks.
  • Make sure all your written content is clear, concise and simple to understand.


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