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Came accross which is a free online tool/website for grading or providing a search engine optimization report for your website. I like it if only for the reason that it gave my site a great score! Shows I’m on the right track at least!

The site gave my main address the following results:

  1. Overall Score – 91/100 which means my site scores better than 91% of all previous site reported on for marketing effectivness!
  2. My Title tag and Meta Description were both a bit long.
  3. Important Heading tags were found on my home page which is good.
  4. I have too many images on the home page which will slow down site loading (dont care!)
  5. My site Readability Level is suited to ‘College Undergraduates’ only – oops!
  6. I have a Google Page rank of 4.
  7. There are 738 of my pages in Google, the more the better.
  8. My Traffic Rank is in the top 0.97% of all websites on the net – WOW!!
  9. I have 8,007 inbound links, again – WOW!!
  10. My Technorati Blog Rank is in the top 0.74% of all blogs.

Pretty Impressive gatering of info on my site I thought. It also makes reccommendations for improving your sites marketing strategy or visibility in the search engines and there was one in particular which I’d never heard of but which I implemented straight away, the ‘301 redirect’.

Basically is classed as a different site to (the www. makes a big difference) so you need to tell the search engines to ‘redirect’ themselves to the full domain when they come accross your www. less domain. Lets see if my site jumps up in the rankings since I implemented the redirect.

All in all, its an impressive tool, give it a bash –

Heres my full report.


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