Pregnancy Confirmation Scan

Its been a nervy few weeks since our first positive test, my partner hasn’t showed a lot of symptoms and we weren’t really feeling pregnant as a couple so we were really looking forward to today’s scan, hoping that it would make the whole thing a bit more real!

Didn’t stop us being nervous just before the scan though and the nurse did say that we should be able to see a heartbeat but that sometimes there was no heartbeat and this wouldn’t be a good sign. We nearly shat ourselves. Nevertheless, almost as soon as the probe went in (hopefully for the last time ever – shes’s gonna miss that thing!) there was the heartbeat, strong and fast.

So finally its starting to seem real and we are coming around to the whole idea of being pregnant and being parents and I’m gonna start reading the books again which I had nervously stopped a while back. People keep telling us not to read books and that they are all different and contradict each other etc.. but we need some kind of info from somewhere – its unchartered territory and we aint got a clue!

Anyway, heres first contact and first real proof!:

First Pregnancy Scan


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5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Confirmation Scan”

  1. That’s fantastic. It’s a very exciting time for you. My wife had a 4D ultrasound scan done by the “Irish Maternal Fetal Foundation” (A 3D image but moving). It really was very impressive.


  2. We were reliably informed by the nurse yesterday that its called ‘Crown’ to ‘Rump’. If you look at the black bit in the middle of the big white bit, thats the egg sack, and the grey matter inside that looks like a prawn is the baby, ‘Crown’ or head at the top..I’ll put some schematics in it later. The 2 big black things bottom right are swollen ovary cysts as a result of hormone medication!

    You’ll have plenty of time to get to grips with these scans yourselves, I’m sure of it..


  3. Firstly, I have to own up that I can NEVER made head nor tail (literally) of those scans.

    That’s neither here nor there though, wow, congratulations, ye must be ecstatic!
    Real heart beating proof eh?


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