Pregnancy Test Kits & Confusion

My recent experience with our pregnancy test and the confusion I felt over the results and which my partner has since admitted to also (although indirectly!) has got me thinking of novel ways to avoid pregnancy test confusion.

For Stoopid men like me:
Make the result very obvious, ie – in a very clear, concise, impartial and matter of fact way, have the kit say vocally “You are/aren’t pregnant”.

For Women hoping to be pregnant:
Kit displays flashing lights and plays a bar of “Congratulations” or a nice soothing but mournful piece of “Violin music” if negative.

For Women hoping not to be pregnant after a night of recklessness:

Kit says “Phew, looks like you got away with it!” or “Oh oh, you’re in trouble”.

For the Bebo generation experimenting a little too soon:
Kits come with a selection of skins and cool ring tones behind the result message.

Just a few ideas, maybe theres huge market potential there. Maybe not!

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Leon Quinn

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One thought on “Pregnancy Test Kits & Confusion”

  1. I hear ya, squinting at the bloody things with a flashlight and microscope is not a good thing.

    I spat out a similar post about those ovulation prediction things.

    A ‘Hump’ or ‘Don’t Hump’ would do me.


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