Padre Pio

Ok..something freaked me out a couple of days ago and I can’t get it out of my head. Seen a photo of this guy Padre Pio on the front page of some newspaper, lying in state for the public to gawk at and I found it disturbing on soo many levels!

These days we are used to seeing the impossible happen because of the great advances in technology, Film FX, Makeup, etc..but making a 40 year old dead guy look like he was just asleep has to take the biscuit! I think I’m inclined to agree with Twentymajor’s post that this was the work of some very talented make-up artists..

Perhaps the church thought they could boost flagging interest in religion with this freak show and perversely they just might but when you sit and think about it, it ain’t normal to crack open a 40 year old grave, drag out whats left of the corpse, do it up like a mannequin and stick it on it!?

On a deeper and perhaps even more disturbing level, I was reminded of the fact that I used to carry around a Padre Pio keyring and still have a Padre Pio badge/pin yoke in my car for good luck on the mad Leitrim roads! Not too weird you might think but consider this: I was born and bread an atheist. Never, Baptised, Communed or Confirmed so what the hell am I up to?

God knows..


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