Increase your Screen Size and See More

Most of us these days have newish monitors that have both large screen sizes and resolutions but some of us have old monitors or new monitors with the resolution set too low. I’d like to explain how to increase your screen resolution so you can see more of whatever it is you’re looking at on the computer whether its a Website, A Movie or a Word Document.

Screen resolution is kinda a cross between screen size and magnification and its measured in pixels which can be thought of as dots on the monitor screen. The more dots that make up the screen, the higher the resolution and the more you can see. A typical resolution is 1024 pixels x 768 pixels which means that theres 1024 pixels across the screen horizontally and 768 vertically. This is about the standard resolution for most monitors and I as a website designer would make sure that any site I build has no graphic dimension larger than either of these values so my site will fit on the screen entirely without scrolling.

Some people still have resolutions of 800 x 600 which hinders the viewing of web pages, documents etc..greatly. To find out your screen resolution and higher it please follow the steps below:

  1. For windows based computers simply right-click with your mouse or the right button on your laptop in a blank area on your computer desktop.
  2. From the resulting pop-up menu choose ‘Properties’ and the ‘Display Properties’ window opens up.
  3. Choose ‘Settings’ in the tabs at the top.
  4. You will see a graphical representation of your monitor and a slider below labeled ‘Screen Resolution’.
  5. Simply drag the slider left or right to decrease or increase the resolution.
  6. I recommend choosing either 1024 x 768 or better still 1280 x 1024 if your monitor supports it. If it doesn’t it just wont let you slide that far.
  7. When finished click ‘Apply’ rather than ‘OK’ as this will allow you to preview the new resolution before committing it for good.
  8. If you’re happy with the new settings click ok and go and test out a few sites or documents and see how much more you can see with a lot less scrolling. You will also notice that graphics look a lot better!

Heres some screenshots of this blog in both low and high resolutions, notice how you see more of my page in the second high resolution shot:

Low Resolution 800 x 600:
Low Resolution 800 x 600

High Resolution 1280 x 1024:
High Resolution 1280 x 1024


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Leon Quinn

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2 thoughts on “Increase your Screen Size and See More”

  1. I have an old computer that does not support a large resolution.
    Do you know, short of buying a new computer, is there any way to increase the resolution supported?
    I found your site via Bing


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