The Internet and Information

Obviously the Internet as we know it these days is all about information and how to find out about things.In this post I’m going to talk about looking for specialized information or news from various sources including:

  • News sites
  • Forums
  • Books
  • Wikis

If you want to search news sources only, open your browser and go to and click on “News” up the top left. This opens a page solely dedicated to news headlines from around the world. You can browse the latest headlines by location or topic. Google claims to index news from over 4,500 sources so you can be sure of finding that obscure story you heard the tail end of on sky!

Searching for information on forums is done exactly the same way as above only this time click on “Groups”, Google’s term for forums/discussion boards. Doing this opens up a dedicated page where you can input a search term that will return results from groups only, or, you can just browse through groups/forums listed.

Books, remember them!? Google has a dedicated search system just for books. Click on the “Books” option top left of the google home page and you’ll be given results that show book titles only. Clicking on a result actually brings you to a preview page where you can digitally browse through the book and read the content. Some books are completely free to look through or download, others are paid for and google will provide links to locations where you can buy the book.

A Wiki is defined as a piece of software that allows groups of people to easily create, edit and link internet pages together. Perhaps the best known Wiki is which is a large information based site/encyclopedia written by the internet community themselves in a collaborative context to give information on a vast range of subjects. If you feel you know something worth saying (and preferably accurate!) about almost anything, then feel free to post.

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