How to Search the Internet for Information

I’m assuming you have a computer and you are online for this excercise:

  1. In your internet browser address bar type in (Click this link to follow the excercise) .
  2. Press return or click on the Go button with your mouse.
  3. When the Google site appears get ready to use your brain!
  4. The hardest part of any internet search is trying to think up relevant keywords to describe the information you require. Similar keywords could potentially throw up a wildly different set of results.
  5. I want to find information on Jim Morrison, influential lead singer with 60’s Rockers “The Doors” and my hero.
  6. The obvious thing to type in is Jim Morrison (capitals not required) but since this returns over 2 million results I may want to narrow the search a little.
  7. Try searching on just one aspect of Jim Morrison such as Jim’s long time girlfriend whose name escapes me at the minute!
  8. Typing in Jim Morrison girlfriend gives me ‘only’ 500,000 results the first of which brings me to a site with Jim’s complete Biography in which I find the name of his girlfriend Pamela Courson (doh, knew it!)

This exercise illustrates the procedure of breaking down internet search results into more manageable chunks by being just a little bit more specific in what you ask Google. If one set of keywords doesnt work for you try another and perhaps enlist the help of some trusty thesaurus if you are not very literate!


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