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Should I celebrate Christmas!?

Another Christmas is just around the corner and the usual crap songs, decorations, routines and sales drives have been rolled out and I can’t help but feel dreary & uninterested – more so each year. Of course I can’t display this apathy or I’ll be accused of not getting into the ‘spirit’. Like any child, Christmas was always special for me, something magical and different and I remember hanging onto it for as long as I could. Even when I found out that the main man wasn’t real around 12/13 I pretended he was! Continue reading Should I celebrate Christmas!?

Get links into your Website

The single most effective way of optimizing your site or having it perform well in the search engines is to get as many links TO it as possible. Once upon a time and still to a certain extent today people were fixated with getting reciprocal links which means “I’ll give you a link if you give me one”! This method of trying to get Google to notice you is almost certainly useless as Google will look at the reciprocal link and think, oh they’ve done that just to impress us. Google normally doesn’t do what you tell it to and prefers instead to organically find your site on its own merits. Chances are that it will ignore ‘links’ pages with loads of outgoing links. Also it doesn’t really make sense to provide your visitors with a means of leaving your site does it!? Continue reading Get links into your Website

Add a Blog to your site

Adding a Blog to your private (hosted on your own server) website is generally regarded as a great way to attract the search engines and make your site that bit more interesting. This is because a regularly maintained and interesting blog adds a lot of CONTENT to your site and the search engines like lots of content. The content comes from what you yourself write about but also from what comments others leave in response to your posts. If you can manage to write as an authority in your subject/business area then others will find your content and ultimately your site when they search for related information online. Continue reading Add a Blog to your site

The Internet and Communication

Apart from using the internet as an informational resource, you can also use it as a means of communication with fellow workers, family, friends, or complete strangers! There are a number of ways you can do this and I will discuss some of them below: Continue reading The Internet and Communication

How to add your Email Address to Outlook Express

Most computers come with Outlook Express installed by default and if you have an email address, (or lots of email addresses!) then you can add them all to Outlook Express and check them all at once. You can even read your messages and reply to them offline if your internet connection is bad or pricey! Heres how to add an existing email address to Outlook Express: Continue reading How to add your Email Address to Outlook Express