WordPress Exploit Scanner

Donncha O’ Caoimh is offering a plugin for stand alone versions of WordPress which scans your files and database for signs of exploits or Hack attempts. Well worth installing and I’m a little surprised to find my own blog is clean considering my last post re Akismet Spam stats! Using this plugin along with making sure you have the latest WordPress and Plugin versions should keep you safe.


Excellent & FREE WordPress Plugins

WordPress CMS is fantastic as we all know but possibly the best thing about it is its extensibility through the use of plugins. You can download or buy a plugin to do almost anytyhing you can imagine, from showing slideshows to managing full featured newsletter functionality. Heres a few of my favorite non-default plugins. Continue reading Excellent & FREE WordPress Plugins

Important info on WordPress comment links

I’m sad to say that following some research done just now I’ve found out that posting comments on other people blogs, (specifically blogs powered by wordpress) just so you can have a link back to your own site is kinda useless. Well on most WordPress blogs at least. Continue reading Important info on WordPress comment links

WordPress Review

About this time last year I set about looking for some way of easily giving my web design clients what they craved – a simple, quick and cheap way of maintaining their own websites without resorting to buying expensive software, learning web design or paying me a fortune to maintain the site for them, something I’d rather not do anyway! Continue reading WordPress Review