Important info on WordPress comment links

I’m sad to say that following some research done just now I’ve found out that posting comments on other people blogs, (specifically blogs powered by wordpress) just so you can have a link back to your own site is kinda useless. Well on most WordPress blogs at least. Continue reading Important info on WordPress comment links

Paypal & Ebay Spoof Phishing Emails

Theres a fair few emails coming through to me lately (despite my spam blocker) which are fake emails from Ebay, Paypal & Banks. I just want to tell you what to look out for so you avoid giving away your login details or worse. Continue reading Paypal & Ebay Spoof Phishing Emails

Internet Impatience & Over Design

I am wondering how patient people are when it comes to using the internet for specific purposes. If you set out to find a piece of info or book a flight or whatever, how much do you tolerate fancy, slow sites, animations and sales gimmicks and how relentless are you in achieving your goal?? Continue reading Internet Impatience & Over Design

Antivirus Spyware and Firewall programs

Its a concern for a lot of people these days who own computers and use the internet regularly and I’m often asked about the best anti-virus programs to use. I’m writing it all down now so people won’t ask me anymore! Continue reading Antivirus Spyware and Firewall programs

PC Live! Magazine

I’d like to recommend an irish computers and technology Magazine -?PC Live. It covers the latest in technology and software as well as everyday technical issues faced by computer users and all with an Irish slant and Irish prices. The PC Live magazine is monthly and at the minute costs an amazing ?3.50 only! Their blog covers categories such as Blogging Business, Music & Websites..