Kelly Foods Sligo

Joe Kelly Fresh Fruit & Foods Sligo

A new website for Joe Kelly Fresh Foods, Sligo. Live (but not complete!) March 2013 –

Joe contacted me around August 2012 to quote for a new website which I did. I heard nothing back for a while but then some money landed in my account mysteriously with no notification from anyone. I done a little research and realised it had come from Joe so I started on the website. 7 months later with almost zero input and communication from Joe and after I’d done most of the work setting the new site up, I decided to ask for the remainder of the payment in a firmly written email.

Joe rang me soon after to tell me he had not received any communication from me or seen any work for the deposit he paid. I mentioned that I had a pile of emails in my sent box that hadn’t bounced back and that the emails contained links to view the work in progress and requests for website content and that all the emails went ignored over the 7 month period.

I argued that if he hadn’t seen any communication from me, why would he be happy to have paid me the deposit and never check up on how it had been spent. He got angry and hung up! Some people have money to burn. I envy them. I’m struggling to feed my kids at the minute and Joe Kelly is partly responsible for that.

I decided to publish the unfinished site with his name on it and some messages from me just to fill in space. Oh and some ads to try get some of the work paid for:

Kelly Foods Sligo


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