New Baby Girl!

So after nearly 6 years from the initial decision to try for a baby and after much infertility treatment, pain, emotion, mileage, financial outlay and nerves – today at 8:34am our daughter finally arrived and about 2 weeks earlier than expected! Labor and pregnancy went well. She is 6 pounds five ounces and is doing fine. Photos below:

This will be my last post in the now strangely named ‘infertility category‘ but I will leave all posts up for posterity as a record of our experience and in the hope that it will give other childless and infertile couples hope that with the help of modern science, great doctors, nurses and midwives, they too can realise their dreams of having children..



The baby’s name will be:

“Hanne Jane Quinn”

Its the Danish version/spelling of “Hannnah” which means ‘Grace’ or ‘Thanks’ which is appropriate considering we have a lot of people to thank for her arrival! Emer used to work in Denmark as a child minder and loved the country. One of the children she looked after was “Hanne”.

To quote my friend – “Welcome to the world Hanne Jane Quinn, we hope you enjoy your stay”

One of the first pics!

One of the first pics!

Eimear was and is brilliant.

Eimear was and is brilliant.

A bit scared she’ll break!

Baby 4

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27 thoughts on “New Baby Girl!”

  1. We started the infertility treatment in Tallaght hospital around 2003 where Eimear had a Laparoscopy and her Ovaries drilled. She has polycystic ovaries also. We then got referred to Galway as we had moved to Leitrim and it was closer. Neither of the above procedures worked, nor did a few of years of Clomid.

    We found Galway to be excellent and the nurses were the best we’d ever dealt with, especially Carmel who was the one who basically inseminated Eimear! Don’t know if you’ve met her yet but say hello from us! WE had less joy with the doctors private office but doctors are always worse at communication than nurses wherever you go! I don’t see how Galway would be against IVF considering that it’s what they do but they will try less invasive (and cheaper) methods first. IVF was our last resort and amazingly it worked first time for us.

    I also found the site useful.


  2. Dear Leon

    I was recommended to visit your blog from a friend of mine called Corinne Weatherup, who is a friend of Anne Hurrell.

    I have been attending the Galway clinic for approximately a year now. I have polycystic ovaries, but apparently they are not too bad. It is only now that I have been asked to have a laparoscopy at Ballinasloe and have been told there is a 3 month wait.
    I was told you had blogged about your experiences at the Galway clinic.
    I can’t seem to find them on your blog. Only go back so far.
    I would love to hear your experience. How did you eventually end up doing IVF? I thought Galway were against that?
    Any information greatly appreciated. Great blog by the way.
    Justine McGrath.


  3. Hi Leon,
    Just amending my news site when I saw your blog! Congratulations to you both and welcome to your little bundle of joy! Enjoy every moment, children bring a far new meaning to the term ‘life’!


  4. Get back to the office you selfish git Leon…i have C-Drive related issues and you are skiving off!!! what am i paying you for?

    Hi Eimear…


  5. Many many congratulations to you both, the rocky road of infertility, I am so gald you got there in the end, now you can look ahead to the great joy Hanne Jane will bring you. Thank God.
    Best wishes


  6. Leon,

    Congratulations to the both of you she is amazing!! (do you have the name yet??) The good fun all starts here my friend, believe me ha!! My little girl is the best thing that happened to me – makes life worth living. Anyways hope the first few weeks are not to hard on you and may see you out for a pint one of the weekends in Carrick.

    Congrats again!



  7. Fantastic news Leon and Emer! Join the Sleepless in Leitrim!
    She’ll be mastering Actionscript 3 and designing interactive dynamic baby sites before breakfast.
    Take care and enjoy…
    Patrick and Serita


  8. Congratulations to u both that’s brilliant news – she’s a beauty!
    A great start to 2009!
    Strangely enough Miriam asked me last night if I’d heard any news from you recently..

    best wishes to you you all!
    mike, miriam & harry

    (by the way – I was going to vote for ‘Milly/Millie’ – it was on our list when Harry was still a wee bump…)


  9. Amazing how persistence can produce a wonderful miracle….now the next battle will be for a few hours kip. She is the same weight as our Mia was at birth – they don’t stay so small for long… Well done to yourself and your partner.


  10. congratulations 🙂

    that is lovely news.

    i was going to contact you to ask you a few questions… but i see you’re going to be fairly busy, enjoy your family time!


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